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It's Tough to Beat Traveler's Choice Luggage

When you're looking to upgrade your luggage from the old bag you've been carrying around for years, check out the selection of Traveler's Choice luggage at JCPenney. This leading luggage brand has a number of options available to travelers, all in lightweight styles that are easy to carry and transport.

About Traveler's Choice


The name of this company says it all: travelers love luggage from Traveler's Choice. Traveler's Choice's mission statement focuses on providing unique, practical, and modern pieces for today's traveler. This commitment to the customer has pushed the company to the forefront of the luggage industry, delivering quality pieces for vacation, business travel, and any other trips you may take.

When the company started in 1984, the goal was to distribute the highest-quality suitcases and luggage pieces for both wholesale and retail markets. Customers in the U.S. and overseas can rest assured that representatives from Traveler's Choice remain involved in the quality control process, personally inspecting random pieces before they go up for sale. Quality control involves more than just a visual inspection; testers check the strength, flexibility, and durability of the luggage.


Choose the Piece for You

When you're waiting at the baggage claim, it's never fun to be one of 100 passengers with a similar black suitcase. It's hard to find your luggage in a sea of matching ones, which is why you should upgrade to Traveler's Choice luggage. The pieces in this lineup come in bold shades of red, yellow, pink, blue, purple, and silver, making it easy to spot your bag as it moves around the carousel. You can even choose an eye-catching paint splatter design with bright colors that will set your bag apart.


The luggage also shows off a hard outer shell, which protects your possessions during the flight and transport. Many of the pieces are made of durable polycarbonate that resists cracks and chips. The spinning wheels on the bottom of each bag allow for easier movement without getting stuck.

Grab One Piece or a Set

The Traveler's Choice luggage line includes single pieces in sizes ranging from 21 to 30 inches, along with sets of multiple complementary bags. Some of the sets are nesting, which means they fit inside one another for easier storage when you're sticking around home for a while. Business travelers can also pick up a set with a briefcase, laptop bag, and smaller carry-on bag.


At JCPenney, you can choose from an extensive lineup of Traveler's Choice luggage options. The most popular pieces are carry-on-sized bags, which fit under an airplane seat or overhead bin with ease. You can also opt for a soft-sided bag if you prefer that style for your luggage.

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