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lunch bags & totes

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Lunch Bags for Portable Convenience

Do you bring your lunch to work every day? Or do your kids take PB&J sandwiches to school with them each morning? Sure, most people use lunch bags because they're simple and look nice, but there are actually many benefits of using reusable lunch bags and lunch totes rather than ones made out of paper or plastic. For one thing, reusable lunch bags can be cleaned and used every day, which means they're a great investment, both for you and the environment. Reusable lunch carriers are also sturdy and made for carrying all manner of food and snack items, which means leaks and smashed food are a lot less likely. Plus, with such a huge variety of sizes, styles, colors and designs, anyone can find lunch totes or bags that perfectly meet their needs.


Insulated Lunch Bags

Insulated lunch bags keep food and drinks warm or cold for hours at a time. Not only does this mean soups stay hot and drinks stay cold, it also means you can bring perishable foods with you wherever you go. Going on a road trip? Insulated bags are the perfect traveling companion for keeping snacks and drinks cool until you're ready for them. Whether you're a mom who needs an extra stash of milk for a day spent running errands or a businessperson bringing lunch to the office, insulated lunch bags are a practical option.


Useful Lunch Totes

If you often bring food on the road with you, it's not just a lunch bag you need—you may also like to have travel mugs, wine totes, food storage containers and more. All of these are great for taking food on the go without any spills or other mishaps. Are you outdoorsy? You may also want to pick up a picnic basket! Fill it with delicious goodies and bring it along on your next outing.

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