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Food Storage Keeps Food Organized

An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen, so if you're ready to organize your culinary haven, then it's time to think about food storage. A place for everything and everything in its place is another kitchen-centered cliché that speaks the truth. Not only do you need storage bowls and containers for leftovers and other refrigerated foods, but you should also take a look at storage options for cereals, potato chips, spices, and even cookies.

Keep Your Leftovers Fresh

Every dollar counts, as does every meal. Eating leftovers helps you to stretch your food budget, so you save more money and waste less food. However, leftovers are only as good as the containers in which you store them, so stock up on bowls and storage sets that are safe for the microwave, durable, and not prone to staining.

It's not a bad idea to buy two sets. Snag a plastic food container set for foods like leftover chicken, vegetables, or similar items. Go with glass storage to safely and neatly heat up chili, stew, and pasta.

Prevent Stale Foods

Ever noticed how cereal quickly gets stale after the first bowl? Do you hate keeping your cupboards, counter, and pantry cluttered with boxes of rice, pasta, and bread crumbs? Larger food storage containers are ideal for keeping your food fresh and your kitchen tidy. Pour cereals into large, rectangular containers with tight seals, so the last bowl of Chex is as crisp as the first. Organize your pantry by ditching all your half-empty boxes. Store your favorite perishables in large storage containers instead.

Mix Storage and Décor

Don't you love it when storage does double-duty as attractive decor? Effortlessly add to the aesthetic of your kitchen with practical food storage items that you need. Of course, an adorable cookie jar is a must-have, and not just because it keeps the counter free of crumbs while maintaining the freshness of your baked goods. You can also pick out canisters for flour, sugar, cornstarch, and any other dry goods that strike your fancy.

Imagine completely reorganizing your kitchen in a way that saves space, food, and money. It's not expensive in the least, plus you can find all the food storage you'll ever need at JCPenney.

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