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Step Up Your Cooking Game With New Bakeware

Make the creations from your favorite cooking show come to life by getting new bakeware for your kitchen. Enjoy having friends and family over and entertain them with delicious treats. Host your niece's bridal shower with pride by making cupcakes or displaying a cake with a new cake platter.

Enjoy a night making cookies with your kids with new cookie cutters from JCPenney. Visit our bakeware section, and you will find everything you need to baste the turkey, make a casserole, and create and display desserts.

The First Step Is Having The Right Supplies

If you've fallen into the habit of ordering in or eating frozen dinners, refresh your bakeware, and you might be surprised to find a new zest for cooking and baking. It's amazing how new kitchen utensils or a nice, new cutting board could get you back in the kitchen.

Buy a cake decorating kit, and you might be inspired to design and bake for your kid's birthday party. When you have the right supplies, it's easier to let your imagination run wild with everything you could create. With all the right tools in your kitchen, nothing can stop you.

Prepare Healthy, Delicious Meals For The Whole Family

Skip the sugar in your typical carton of orange juice and use your new juicer to squeeze fresh fruit for your own juice for breakfast. Use your new bakeware to meal prep on the weekends, so your family has healthy, convenient meals throughout the week. With top brands, you can get inspired to create meals and desserts for your friends and relatives that didn't seem possible before.

It's easier to get your family to eat fruits and vegetables when they are peeled, sliced, and ready to go. With a new strawberry slicer, it's convenient and easy to have produce ready for your kids to eat or to pack in lunch boxes. Convenience is key when preparing food and baked goods for your family. JCPenney has all the right tools to make baking and cooking easy and fun.

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