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Get Cut with Strength Training Equipment

Strength training comes with a number of benefits for your physical health. Every workout regime should include strength training. Building muscle is just one of the benefits you'll enjoy when you start lifting weights and increasing your strength. Adult men and women lose about 1 percent of their bone and muscle strength per year, but you can combat this by working out with weights. Strength training also helps you lose weight and keep it off. When your body has more muscle, it burns more calories during all activities, from sitting on the couch to running a 5K.

Strong and Fit

Regular strength training can also help your body look and feel strong and fit. When you perform this type of training, also called resistance training, you will strengthen and tone muscles by contracting them against a resistant force. After you complete the workout, your body will recover and rebuild the muscles. You can also improve your posture, balance, and coordination through regular strength training.

Healthier Lifestyle

Not only will you look better when engaging in strength training, but you can also reduce the risk of developing diseases. Studies show that resistance training can minimize arthritis pain, increase bone density, improve glucose control among people with Type 2 diabetes, and lower the risk of bone fractures. Endorphins produced during your workout will help you feel better, improve your sleep, and make for a better overall quality of life.

Work Out at Home

You don't have to hit the gym to take advantage of these strength training benefits. Shop for strength training equipment at JCPenney to get everything you need for a great workout at home. An adjustable kettlebell allows you to add weight as you continue to build your muscles, while a set of neoprene dumbbells is an affordable option to start your strength training regimen.

If you have more space, you could grab a weight bench, a strength trainer with a leg bar, or an ultimate bench with sections to train all of your muscle groups. Get a six-pack with an ab roller or pick up a medicine ball tree to accommodate all types of workouts. No matter what type of strength training equipment you're looking for, you can find it at JCPenney.

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