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Use Hair Gels to Control Your Hair and Get the Style You Want

Sometimes you just want to do the "set it and forget it" routine with your hair. Fighting with a hairstyle that won't stay in place is a pain. So turn to your handy container of hair gel, work it into your hair, and wait a minute or two for the gel to set in place. Once the hair gel has done its work, you're off for the day without worrying about your hairstyle falling at the worst possible moment.

These Are Not the Hair Gels of the 1980s

Hair gel once had a reputation for holding hair in place a little too well. There are countless pictures of women with wedges of hair fixed in place and standing on end. Their hair looks rock-hard and not pleasant to the touch. Hair gel technology has progressed to the point where products only hold hair like that if you want to go to an '80s flashback party. Now you can style your hair to look soft and natural without a plastic feel. Your style holds even if you touch it occasionally throughout the day. But you don't want to push it too hard, or you'll break the bond that the gel created.

How Hair Gels Work

Hair gels are made from a combination of water and polymers. Their thick consistency is what allows you to control the application of the product. In other words, you put the gel where you want it to go and it won't make its way to the areas you don't want to hold in place. Once you've applied the gel, the water evaporates and the polymers are left behind. These polymers dry into a clear film that coats the hair and holds the strands in place. Additives for such things as UV protection, moisture, and shine help the hair look natural. You won't look like you've applied gel to make your curls or waves immovable. Unless, of course, that's the look you want.

Have Fun With Hair Gels

Hair gels have properties that invite you to use your imagination with your hair. Want curly locks but don't want to go through the process of a permanent? Run setting gel through your hair when it's wet and put it up in rollers. You don't have to sleep in rollers to get a curl that lasts when you use hair gels in this way. And there are hair gels that impart color, natural or otherwise, when you use them. You can give your natural color a bit of a temporary boost when you can't get to the salon. Or you can have fun with something bright and unusual, then wash it out.

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