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Frigidaire Wall Ovens for the Modern Kitchen

The traditional kitchen has an oven and range combination. While this classic design works for many homeowners, it limits the amount of range and oven space you can have. For a kitchen in a home that does a lot of cooking, you may want to separate the two. That is, have a countertop range and a wall oven next to it. You could add the range to a kitchen island or to a different part of the counter. When two people are cooking in the kitchen, this separation allows you to move more freely.

Frigidaire ovens come in many sizes and types. A smaller kitchen needs a smaller wall oven. Get a single-door model that takes up less than 4 cubic feet when you're really strapped for space. Though it's small by wall oven standards, that 4 cubic feet can fit a ton of stuff. You can also get a bigger single-door wall oven to accommodate even more cooking while still taking up little space in a smaller kitchen.

The big advantage of wall ovens is the two-door model. Get an upper and lower oven so you can bake and broil things at different temperatures simultaneously. These models come in small (just under 5 cubic feet) and much larger (just under 8 cubic feet.) These divide the capacity between top and bottom ovens, so you have a single piece of vertical space taken up without giving up a lot of countertop room.

Colors and Features You Must Have

Frigidaire ovens come in white, black, and stainless steel. If the rest of your appliances are already one color, match that color when you shop at JCPenney. However, if a wall oven and separate range are happening with a kitchen remodel, choose a wall oven color that goes well with your new kitchen design. Stainless steel has a clean look that's been popular in kitchen remodeling jobs. However, white and black options are coming back into style. White offers a classic look, while black is sleek and edgy.

A wall oven from Frigidaire is self-cleaning. When using a double oven, run the self-cleaning mode on one oven at a time, so you will have the other space free to prepare your evening meal or to start tomorrow's cooking. Frigidaire ovens also have Sabbath mode, perfect for observing the Sabbath and holidays in your household.

Choosing a quality oven is a big investment, so choose a manufacturer you trust. Frigidaire is a favorite with homeowners because of its quality, easy-to-use products. Find the perfect Frigidaire wall oven for your kitchen at JCPenney's online shop. Browse oven features, choose the right color, and order that new oven. Find out about booking haul away services for your old appliances to make room for your new kitchen things.

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