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Heat Things Up with Frigidaire Microwaves

When you want something warm to fill your tummy but you don't have time to cook on the stove top, your Frigidaire microwave gets the food on the table in no time. Everything from popcorn to baked potatoes is just seconds away. This unit tucks neatly into space over your range and doubles as a ventilation conduit with a fan that runs at two speeds. You can choose from four different colors for the one that best suits your kitchen.


With the Touch of a Button

Frigidaire microwaves are fast and easy to use. With a single button, you can cook many of the most common items. If that snack or meal needs just a little more heating, you can add 30 seconds with one touch. That lets you get your food warm enough without getting it dangerously hot. A multi-stage process lets you program power levels and cooking times ahead of time, so you can make the settings match your recipe.

Form and Function

The Frigidaire microwave has a sleek exterior that comes in four colors, black, black stainless, white, and traditional stainless steel. The understated shape and appearance won't clash with your decor. Besides the attractive look, this unit has an impressive array of features to make your work in the kitchen easier. You get a generous amount of cooking space from the extra-large 1.6 cubic feet capacity. You can fit large casserole pans, tall mixing bowls, and baking dishes inside with ease so whipping up something for a big family is no problem.

The Frigidaire microwave fits neatly into your space without bumping or marking up your walls. The door can open 90 degrees without scraping up against anything. That makes it a great choice for apartments or other smaller spaces.

Brilliant LED lighting underneath illuminates your cooktop and gives you a clear view of your recipes, ingredient labels, and measurement markings, so when your work area is dim, you don't have to squint to see what you're doing. A similar light fixture inside stays on while you cook so you can keep an eye on your dish. The glass turntable rotates throughout the cooking cycle so food cooks and warms evenly without cold spots.

Not Your Mother's Microwave

Microwave ovens have come a long way from the dinosaurs they were when they were first invented. While they once took up a tremendous amount of counter space, the modern versions like the Frigidaire microwave take up no room on your counters at all. They do so much more than just heat up and defrost. You can cook a full holiday dinner in modern ovens like these. Check out the selection from JCPenney and get cooking!

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