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Skip the Eye Makeup Trends and Make Your Own Style

Sometimes it seems like if you blink you'll miss the newest eye makeup trend! One minute it seems like all the beauty vloggers and bloggers are talking about the smokey eye, then they're going on about the comeback of the 70's blue eyeshadow craze. It's enough to make you loose it! The reality is, what works for some won't work for others. Almost everyone can pull of a smokey eye, which is why it's always in style, but not everyone can get away with wearing blue and purple eyeshadow, whether the color is awkward or it just doesn't suit their personality. Step away from the internet trends of the hour and work your own style.

Find Colors That Work for You

You'd be forgiven for thinking you need to match your makeup to your eye color in order to draw attention to it. The truth is, you want to find colors that complement your skin tone first, then add a little bit of color to match your eyes. Blending the eye makeup color to reflect your skin color, even if you do use a bit of a pink pastel here and there, makes the skin around your eyes "fall back" and causes your irises to pop. You'll find that people look you in the eye more than you ever thought possible!

Don't ever hesitate to break out of the mold every once in a while. Going with a color that's a little outrageous for you is okay as long as you fade it back with muted colors or something from a gray palate. The idea is to step outside of your comfort zone for the day, not go overboard by applying more colors than you can handle.

Shape Your Eye for the Best Effect

You can subtly alter the shape of your eyes to make them look larger, more angled, or simply seductive, and it's easy. Put on a little contour, go thick or thin on your eyeliner, go for tapered or winged eyeliner, or grade the colors of the eyeshadow to draw your eye out, in, up, or down. It's easier than you think, although you might find you need a few practice runs to get it just right.

Eye makeup lets you explore the different ways you can change your appearance. You might think it's going to fool no one at first, but it does. Take a look at stars with and without their makeup. Their eye makeup is what takes them from plain Jane to knockout seductress. You, too, can achieve this look by finding what looks best without looking overdone. The more subtle you are, the better the illusion.

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