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Go Green with ENERGY STAR Appliances and Save Some Green

Money doesn’t grow on trees, so keep more of your money in your pockets and bank account by switching to ENERGY STAR appliances. You know when you see the blue ENERGY STAR symbol that your appliances will save energy and money without sacrificing performance. In order for an appliance to get that gorgeous blue symbol, it has to meet strict performance standards. Replace your older appliances with energy efficient appliances to save up to several hundred dollars in energy costs over their lifespan.

Using an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator means you can enjoy up to 10 percent more energy efficiency than you would with a non-certified refrigerator. Your ENERGY STAR dishwasher will, on average, save you about 1,600 gallons of water over its lifetime. That’s less water than it takes to fill a swimming pool. Soil sensors and improved water filtration are just a few of the features that allow you to save those 1,600 gallons. Certified dryers have moisture sensors that adjust drying time according to the dampness of the clothes. Save even more money by switching from an electric to gas dryer. A certified washer less energy and less water than a washer without the ENERGY STAR stamp of approval - that’s a double savings in one appliance!

We carry a plethora of ENERGY STAR appliances from Samsung, LG, and GE. Buying your energy efficient appliances at JCPenney means you save money on the initial purchase because we offer mouth dropping prices. Enjoy free delivery and basic installation when you purchase an appliance of $299 and above.

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