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Dehumidifiers Help to Keep your Allergies Under Control

Allergies make you miserable. Your nose is stuffy, your eyes water, and your throat gets itchy. Then there’s the incessant sneezing that happens. Bad allergies can make your feel just as bad, if not worse, than a cold or the flu. Regain control over your allergies with dehumidifiers.

Some allergies triggers, such as mold and mildew, thrive in humidity. The humid air gives them everything they need to grow and fester. This is a huge problem for people who live in humid climes. So how does this nifty appliance work? The machine sucks in the surrounding air and uses internal coils to remove the moisture. The dehumidified air is then warmed up and expelled back into your home. It’s just that simple. Even if you don’t have allergies, it’s nice to keep one around for those super muggy summer days.

We of course have Energy Star Certified dehumidifiers. You’ll find models with a level indicator for the condensate bucket. The condensate bucket is where the extracted moisture goes. Another thing you’ll love about our dehumidifiers is the automatic shut off. The machine will cut off once the bucket fills up. Depending on the humidity in air, you may not need it to work too hard. Use the multi-speed control to adjust to your needs.

your life back, and your allergies under control with a new dehumidifier from our appliance stores.

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