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Get Tasteful and Luxurious Kids Bathroom Décor

More often than not, the kids’ bathroom décor leaves much to be desired, especially when that bathroom serves as a guest restroom. The kind of bathroom that’s blasted with comic book superheroes and Disney movie characters makes an awkward impression to family and friends that visit. There’s nothing wrong with the kids’ bathroom being a kids bathroom, but it needs to be able to pull double duty and be a place where guests can go and be comfortable as well. And there are ways to tastefully decorate your kids’ bathroom so it can be an inviting place to anyone who visits.


Kids Shower Curtains for a Kids Bathroom

If your kids insist upon having Frozen in their bathroom, appease them with kids shower curtains, and small touches of their favorite movie characters everywhere. JCPenney has a complete Frozen bath collection, in addition to Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses and If you don’t have a dedicated half-bath and your kids’ bathroom doubles as a guest bathroom, you may have to calm down the themes with a bit of luxury. Thick hand towels, a fabric shower curtain and soft rugs make a guest bathroom warm and inviting. And your kids won’t mind it either, as long as their toothbrushes, their dry towels and in-shower accessories can all be Frozen-themed, or any other character they idolize. It’s the best of both worlds.


Accessorize the bathroom with pop-up hampers and hooded towels for kids, which will help them keep their bathroom neat and tidy. Pop-up hampers for dirty towels and hooded towels for all-over warmth right out of the bath. So whether your kids have their own bathroom or have to keep it ready for guests, find everything you need to make it nice and inviting in the bed & department at JCPenney.

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