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How to Choose a Queen Comforter Set

When you're looking for the perfect finishing touch for your bedroom, queen comforter sets can help. You'll find plenty of styles and colors available to match any type of decor you already have in your room.

Queen Comforter Colors & Patterns

There are so many colors and patterns available in queen comforter sets, you might have a difficult time deciding which one you would like for your room. There are plenty of calm and neutral colors if you're trying to create a serene bedroom. On the other hand, you'll also find numerous bright and bold colors for a bed that stands out against your other decor.

If you have a traditional home, consider a paisley or jacquard patterned queen bed comforter set. For modern or contemporary homes, you'll find geometric patterns that will fit right in. Finally, soft quilts with classic patterns will work perfectly in country homes.

Consider a Design Theme

Not only are queen comforter sets available in many colors and patterns, you can also find them in unique themes. There are beach and nautical designs that are ideal whether you have a beach home or simply want to create the look of a tropical escape in your bedroom. If you have a home in the mountains, consider bedding with a lodge theme or that come in a plaid design. Additionally, the Southwest theme is perfect for a desert home.

If you're decorating a room for a child, think about comforters that come in exciting themes, such as sports, superheroes, or animals. Even teenagers can join in on the fun with animal print and new age themes.

Queen Bedding Length

A standard size queen comforter has just enough extra material to hang slightly over the mattress. You can also find oversized bedspreads to fit large mattresses or simply create a dramatic look in your room. On a large mattress, oversized comforters give you enough extra material to hang over the bed properly. If you choose an oversized comforter for a regular mattress, you can get an impressive look with the comforter sweeping down to the floor.

Look for Matching Bedroom Accessories

Some queen comforter sets will include the comforter, pillowcases, and sheets. Whether the set you're looking at comes with these extras or not, there are still plenty of other matching accessories you can consider for a complete look in your room. For some extra style on your bed, consider picking up a few shams, decorative pillows, and a bed skirt. If you want a pulled together look for the entire room, you'll even find some bedding sets that offer matching curtain panels and valances.

No matter what type of you're searching for, you'll find a great selection of queen bed sets for sale when you shop at JCPenney.

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