Beach Towels

Choose from a variety of personalized beach towels for your next warm-weather outing. Colorful, monogrammed pool towels are available year-round at JCPenney.

A personalized beach towel is an affordable option when you need a gift for someone who seems to have everything. By embroidering names or initials on a large beach towel, it’s less likely to be stolen or misplaced on the beach or at a pool. Consider giving a honeymoon beach basket as a fun and creative bridal shower gift, and include matching, personalized his/her beach towels as an innovative addition.

Families with children will benefit from personalized beach towels. Avoid arguments among siblings by color-coding each child’s towel, and customize them even further by embroidering their names and using their favorite designs and themes.

An extra-long pool towel is a handy and hygienic option when you need to cover the full length of a sticky public lounge chair. Extra-large beach towels, are also convenient for keeping the sand out of your picnic lunch if you’re eating at the beach, and they make a great portable dressing room when you can’t find a private place to change out of your wet bathing suit.

Beach towels are made from a variety of lightweight, fast-drying materials that are compact enough to fit in your carry-on luggage easily. Turkish-style beach towels are ideal for people who have skin sensitivities that require them to use items made from 100% cotton. Lightweight pool towels are also multifunctional and provide excellent value; the same towel can be used as a sarong, a summer blanket or even a last-minute tablecloth.

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