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Great Bathtubs Inspire Great BathroomsA Freestanding Bathtub Is an Affordable LuxuryGive Yourself the At-Home Spa Treatment

Great Bathtubs Inspire Great Bathrooms

A modern luxury in bathroom design centers around the soaking bathtub. These freestanding tubs are deep enough for people to sink into, covered to the neck in water, luxuriating in bubbles and warmth. Does your bathroom have room for a bathtub and a shower stall? If it does, consider ditching the bath and shower combination for a fantastic new bathtub.

Don't worry if your bathroom is too small. Many bathtubs at JCPenney have shower hookups, too, so your bathtub will still be your shower, too. You don't have to forego a great soaking bathtub because you don't want to get rid of your shower. You can have both when you update your bathroom.