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Discover Bath Fixtures to Improve an Often-Used Room

The bathroom is probably one of the parts of your home you use most, and that's why it should be made as functional as possible. JCPenney has numerous bath fixtures you can buy and install to make improvements that matter to you and your guests. Shop today and get excited about making your bathroom better.

Spruce Up Your Shower

A hot shower can be an immensely relaxing experience, especially when you have the right equipment. Consider making yours more stylish with bath fixtures that include LED lights that react to changing water temperatures. These options are pleasing to the eye and make it so you can verify the water temperature without sticking your hand into the spray of water.

You might also go with a high-pressure showerhead that makes it feel like you're getting a stimulating massage while washing up. These are great if you lead an especially active lifestyle or play sports. They ease soreness naturally and help you feel more rejuvenated when getting out of the shower.

A rainfall showerhead is another great choice when you're looking for bath fixtures. Rather than centralizing the water into a circular point, it spreads it into a larger surface area. As a result, you get better coverage and should find it's easier to cleanse your body and hair.

At JCPenney, you can find handheld showerheads as well. They allow you to aim the spray of water in precise angles that may be otherwise hard to reach. Because these kinds of bath fixtures give you so much flexibility, they are also excellent for people who are disabled, injured, or elderly and may have to sit down in a shower chair while bathing or cannot otherwise assume certain positions.

When getting a shower fixture you can hold in your hand, it's also useful to look for ones that come with a slide bar or install one of those pieces separately. The slide bar allows you to keep the showerhead attached to a fixed point and slide it up and down to change the height. This approach works well if you're trying to wash your feet after spending time outside in the rain or want to cleanse your shoulders to remove remnants of sunscreen after a day at the beach.

Shop for Bathroom Faucets, Too

JCPenney also sells shiny faucets that bring personality to your bathroom sink. Find one with a single, long handle that you turn to change the temperature or go with a type that has separate controls to turn for either hot or cold water. Whether you want a thoroughly modern option or something distinctively timeless, we have plenty of possibilities.

Get started now and shop for bath fixtures from the comfort of home. JCPenney makes it simple.

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