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Baby Pajamas: Shop Our Baby Sleepwear Sale

The last piece to your baby’s nighttime routine is a pair of cozy baby pajamas. Shop our baby sleepwear sale and get all the sleepwear your baby needs.


If your baby is constantly taking or kicking off their socks, footed onesies are the best choice. Footed baby pajamas knock out two birds with one stone. They not only keep your baby’s body warm but their cute little toes too. Grippers underneath the bottom of the feet help your baby stand and walk securely on all surfaces. You and your newborn will sleep more soundly with swaddling pajamas. We carry a variety of swaddling sleepwear that adjusts as your baby grows and allows for easy diaper changes thanks to a leg pouch.


We have an adorable collection of two-piece pajama sets. Toddlers will get a kick out of sleeping in pajamas featuring their favorite characters. Add a little bit of the jungle to their style with Simba or Nala pajamas from the Disney Baby Collection. They can fight a crime before bed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Spider-Man pajamas. Race around the house like Lightning McQueen in a Cars pajama set. Girls will love twirling around in a beautiful and frilly nightgown.


In addition to two-piece pajamas, we also carry three-piece sets. Our three-piece sets feature a top and two types of bottoms – long pants and shorts! Rotate between the long pants and shorts according to the weather. Put on the long pants to keep the chill away, and when it warms up, put on the shorts. We have an amazing collection of three-piece sets for boys and girls in fantastic designs.


You can always count on the JCPenney baby department to have the latest and greatest sleepwear for tots of all sizes!

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